Monday, January 24, 2011

Whats New at PEER

It has been a while since we updated the PEER blog. A lot has happened since then, too much really to say in one post, so I will give you a quick overview.

First and formost, we have an exciting NEW build! Much eaiser to shop in!!! Built by our very own Ander Galthie.

We have started to sell jewelry made by my brother Marck Aries, which is absolutely stunning. Simple elegant masculine pieces. He also has started to make hair for men, and we have the first one out in the Main Store now. More will be coming in the next few months. Marck and his partner also own a club, Play, over on the other end of the PEER sim, and they have fun parties and great DJ’s there once or twice a week. A friendly atmosphere, where everyone is welcome. Drama is left at the door.

Then, we have our male skins. So far the only one out is the Duke in Dark. They are only 1000L, so a good deal for someone wanting a nice skin on a budget. The Medium and Light will be out in Spring.

Finally we have Leather pants, for the same cost as our jeans, and they also have prim cuffs.

New shapes, and clothes have been put out, and you can look forward to even more new releases!

Thanks for reading, and we promise to update more often.

(If you know any bloggers, we are looking for a few… it will make updating happen more often.. haha!)

Phinneas Vella

Owner of PEER