Saturday, May 19, 2012

I am very late getting this into the blog, because as everyone knows... I would rather create clothes than blog. :D
I could have asked Jade, but being me, I keep forgetting... haha!!

Anyway, the Beau Homme Line is in the main store, and is a real treat. You get the outfit, which consists of a button up shirt, jeans, and a peice of jewlery when you purchase it. Some of the items are ONLY available in this line...  (Pictured "The Victorian" outfit)

Coming in June, I am putting out the Rockstar line, it is pretty rockin.. lol!

Phinn Vella
PEER Owner

Thursday, March 22, 2012



So, I happen to know these really talented people, who all have stores on the PEER Style main-store sim. 

I'm rather lucky to know them, because I get to have freebies to write nice things about... and one of the newest stores at the sim is VerseEye, owned by Jacks Rhys.

The man makes eyes. 
Some are realistic, some artistic, some futuristic... but they're all really quite lovely.


Row 1: Right to left: ViZiX - Radiance, ViZiX - Diversity, Solar Eyes - Earth 2
Row 2: Right to left: Natura Series 001 Volcano, Natura Series 001 Olive, Natura Series 001 Blue
Row 3: Right to left: ArtEyes - Life, ArtEyes - Conceptual Performance, SolarEyes - Moon

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

PEER gets Irish! (St. Patty's Day Stuffs!)

Top 'o the mornin' to ye!

Just had to, sorry!

Phinneas Vella, owner of PEER Style, has been hard at work making some awesome St. Patrick's Day gear for you!

Check out the new pants and shirts!

First Pic: "Black Leather Shamrocks" pants & "Shamrock Swirls Mesh" tee.
Second Pic: "Black Shamrock Leg Leather" pants & "Button Up: Black Shamrocks" shirt.
Third Pic: "Leather Oil Slick" pants & "Button Up: Green Shamrocks" shirt.

My personal favourites are the "Black Shamrock Leg Leather" pants, and the "Shamrock Swirls Mesh" tee.

These and MORE! can all be found here:

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Valentine's Day Comes to PEER!!

Phinneas Vella and Marck Aries have been hard at work creating fun, wonderful stuffs for V-day!

Here are just a few examples of the wonderfulness that's now on sale- and there are more where these came from!

 Featured above: PEER Button Up: Red Hearts, PEER - Grimy Red Hearts Crack Jeans, and PEER Linked Hearts Necklace.

 Featured Above: PEER Drippy Heart Mesh Top, PEER Grimy Red Hearts Crack Jeans and PEER Cupid Pendant.
Featured Above: PEER GROUP GIFT (February) - PEER Button Up: Gold Hearts, PEER - Grimy Red Hearts Crack Jeans, and PEER Heart: I thought you would be bigger (There are a bunch of these hearts with different messages, all over the store, for just $25L each!)

Come 'n get it!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

PEER Style Jewelry by Marck Aries

Most people who know me in SL know I'm an RP geek.
I embrace the geekiness.
I am, however, a usually very-well-dressed geek...
and beautiful clothes require beautiful accessories.
That's where Marck Aries comes in-
This is one of his pieces, available at the PEER mainstore:

I present to you,
PEER - Harem Necklace - Silver

(Other contributors: Gown: Zaara. Hair: Son!a. Skin: Dionysus.)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Girls' Stuff (sneak peek!), and killer pants!

I am the slackiest slacker in the world, and I need to be punished for it- luckily, Phinneas Vella, the owner of PEER Style, loves me to death, and instead of punishing, throws lovely stuffs at me to encourage me to blog. Yay!

Some of these items have already been released, but some haven't... so I have sneak peeks for you!

I'd like to add here, that while ALL of these pants were created largely for men- they all look fanTAStic on my chickie avatar. I love Phinneas' versatility. It's just The Awesome.

 (Above) - Pre-release tank top "Black Bubble Tank Top", and Black Leather pants.
 (Above) - "Butterfly Tank" in white - available now! Also worn, PEER Shibari Jeans!
 (Above) - Pre-release - "CityScape Tank - Blue", and Lowrise 'Curl my Toes' Jeans.
 (Above) - "Erase Hate" T-shirt - available now! Also worn, Leather Pants
 (Above) - "Lay in the Fields" Tank - available now! Also featuring,  Cherry Blossom Jeans.
 (Above) - "Lay in the Fields" tank in pink, and Lowrise Curl My Toes Jeans. (both available now)
(Above) - Strawberry T-shirt and Red Aster Jeans. (both available now)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So, I was contemplating blacking out the blog for the day, but I realised it would not do much good, and then I would have to figure out how to unblock it,.. lol! Instead I have decided to just make the statement about what I feel about SOPA and the whole Internet Piracy Issue.

SOPA is badly written, and comes down to censorship, it is leading us closer to Big Brother, and will fail entirely at what it is trying to accomplish. I for one tend to listen to music on YouTube (Or I did before the new channels and look.. kinda hate the site now) and I find songs or new artists I like, and go buy their music. If I did not hear it on youtube, or in links from friends, I would never have found the music to buy. No exposure = no purchase.
SOPA would make that option for me go away, and so really, the people pushing the bill woudl be cutting off their own income.

I am huge on Freedom, and Equality. Everyone should have the same rights. That said, Piracy is not cool. However guess what? People who Pirate stuff, will CONTINUE to do so. Yeah, cause they are criminal, and criminals DON'T OBEY LAWS.... so, why pass a law that only harms the people who are being good in the first place?

I understand not wanting your things stolen, I mean, I make stuff so I get it. but there are people who will steal no matter what. Punishing everyone is not the way to make the issue go away.

Okay, off my soapbox now... :)

Phinneas Vella
Owner of PEER