Sunday, January 22, 2012

Girls' Stuff (sneak peek!), and killer pants!

I am the slackiest slacker in the world, and I need to be punished for it- luckily, Phinneas Vella, the owner of PEER Style, loves me to death, and instead of punishing, throws lovely stuffs at me to encourage me to blog. Yay!

Some of these items have already been released, but some haven't... so I have sneak peeks for you!

I'd like to add here, that while ALL of these pants were created largely for men- they all look fanTAStic on my chickie avatar. I love Phinneas' versatility. It's just The Awesome.

 (Above) - Pre-release tank top "Black Bubble Tank Top", and Black Leather pants.
 (Above) - "Butterfly Tank" in white - available now! Also worn, PEER Shibari Jeans!
 (Above) - Pre-release - "CityScape Tank - Blue", and Lowrise 'Curl my Toes' Jeans.
 (Above) - "Erase Hate" T-shirt - available now! Also worn, Leather Pants
 (Above) - "Lay in the Fields" Tank - available now! Also featuring,  Cherry Blossom Jeans.
 (Above) - "Lay in the Fields" tank in pink, and Lowrise Curl My Toes Jeans. (both available now)
(Above) - Strawberry T-shirt and Red Aster Jeans. (both available now)