Monday, August 22, 2011

Newness from PEER Style & PEER Jewellery!!

Phinneas Vella and Marck Aries have been hard at work, creating some GORGEOUS new items for their stores!

For those with more exotic tastes, Phinneas has created a gorgeous line of harem outfits in varying colours and textures. The top is sheer, curve-hugging, and resize-scripted... offering an easy accomodation for the more or less voluptuous. The bottoms hug the hips, and show off a bit of 'butt-cleavage'... just enough to be sexy, without being raunchy. Sculpts make up the pantaloons.

Marck's creation is this delicate gold-and-pearl necklace and earring set, called Incili. It is resize-scripted, and features a ring of pearls with delicate dangling strings of pearls to accent.

I happen to be wearing a pre-release of the Incili set, but the harem outfits are available now at the PEER Style Main Store!