Monday, December 12, 2011

PEER Style Presents "The 12 Days of Christmas!"

When you wish, upon a star....
They give you great Christmas gifts from PEER. Beginning Dec 13th PEER will
begin celebrating the 12 days of Christmas.
Each day a different colored star, will be hidden somewhere on the commercial
part of the sim. To get the gift, you will need to wear your PEER group tag. We
will provide clues each day as to whe the star may be. More details will follow
=) Have a great holiday season
The First day of Christmas The first Star can be found above the most recognized decoration, used at
Christmas time. However PEER'S is made of an element that embodies the harsh
weather found in the winter. This star is a White Star, thus it may be easiest
to spot if SL is set to night.

Also we wanted to let all of our Peer-lings know. The with the coming of the
new year, change is coming to the store you know and love. The complex will soon
be replaced with a new design.
 (( As we begin the Holiday Season, We would like to wish you and yours a very happy holiday season this year. As well as ask that as you participate in this years hunt, please be respectful to the the residents who live on the sim, and do not enter any homes unless invited. All of the hunt objects will be hidden amongst the stores in the
commercial area. Also the objects are a star that rotates. They will be in
various colors, a hint will be given each day as to the whereabouts.))