Friday, October 30, 2009

Finally! Happy Halloween from ME!

Finally, it's my turn! I had to go back to something fun and chipper, but I did add a weapon. So CJ Escher did it in the parlor with a knife? Ok I promise Zak isn't dead. Phinn's alive and well. Kyth is out stalking prey. Fireboy is hitting the the turntables. Ander is creating. I promise they are ALL alive and well. Well as far as I know they are, and plausible deny-ability is the name of the game. I am dressed like one bad kitty! I've been stalking Peeps and I promise not to leave them on your door step. I am also kinda partial to the Skull in light black jeans. If you stick with the bones it's harder to identify you as killer! I did have to do something different from the guys. If your going to take a knife to your family you should be prepared!!! I am out of period dress, but I could have just stepped out of 92 Second Street. I do hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Halloween. If you want to keep it really safe, turn out the lights, lock the doors and just play Second Life instead of giving out candy or going to a party!

Shape: CJ (not sold)
Skin:LionSkins - Cana fair 1
Hair: Truth Grazia 2 - Ivory
Eyes: Figure 8 stained Glass Eyes Glue Chip - Green
Shirt: Murdering Peeps
Jeans: Skull in light black
Shoes: Porn Stars Hi-Tops MultiColor v2