Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween from Peer Staff Day 4!

Ander Galthie is our other Shape Designer. He makes sure the inside of you is as HOT as the outside. Ander is swinging us back to the darker side of Halloween. He's got that bloody eyed zombie look going on in his Jack Off my Lantern jeans and Going Batty tee! Ander looks like he could bludgeon someone to death as he goes back to his chores on the little farm outside Plainfield Wisconsin. Ander is a wholesome mid-western guy who would never do anything like that. OK, I meant the chores part, I have no doubt he could bludgeon someone. I mean look at those eyes.
On to happier thoughts, we hope you all had an amazing time at the parties last night. We had a ball at the pre-party and the PEER party was OUT of This World!!! DJ fire did his usual transcendent job and everyone danced the night away. Watch out tomorrow for a very special announcement here on the PEER blog. See you tomorrow. Same bat time, same bat channel!

Shape: Ander Shape not sold
Skin: SANGUINE/clean xy +Fallen Gods Inc.+SKIN+ Wrath - blood lips Fallen gods
Hair: Laqroki ~ Raw - Jet Black Laqroki
Eyes: Blood Eyes + Fallen Gods Inc. Fallen Gods
Tattoo: Tattoo Alhambra1492_GoK_faded Garden of KU
Boots: Kboots Weird monkey designs
Belt: Avid Jaguar Belt part of the Jaguar set Avid