Monday, October 26, 2009

It's Hunt Hint Monday!

Peer is a big supporter of hunts in Second Life. We are participating in several that are going on in October and November. We want to do something extra special for you, our blog readers, and post some hints on the locations of the hunt items currently in the store. We will do new hint posts on the Monday of a new hunt.

Make Him Over Hunt
This is one of the biggest hunts going on in SL right now. Peer is participating. Since this is a hunt for men who want to look their best, we have hidden the object in the men's room. Happy hunting!

Starving Artist Hunt
We know that artists go through a lot of clothes because they get paint spatter and other mediums all over themselves. If your jeans have gotten too messy and you need new ones, check out our jeans department.

Jack O'Turkey Hunt
Every little Jack wants to look better. You can find a great new shape that makes you look less like a pumpkin in our men's room.

Myths & Legends Hunt
At Peer we like to think our men's tank tops are legendary. We have a great selection and you might even find something mythical!

Enter at Your Own Risk
Since Halloween is this week, you just might be looking for a costume. Peer has some great skins, and shapes for all of your fantasy needs.

That wraps up our hints for this week. Check back next week for the hunts that start November 1, 2009. We will have a new set of hints and other goodies for you our blog readers.