Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Peer DJ Jeans Line

Peer has always been a firm supporter of the arts in SL. We believe that music played and mixed by talented DJs is one of the ways the arts reach most SL residents. You can find a hot party any night of the week in SL and dance until the sun comes up. You never know, in SL it may come up several times in one night.
We created a line of DJ jeans that include:
DJ Cooper Janus
DJ fireboy Andel
DJ Yummy Andrew
DJ Syriana Paine
DJ Darrin2101 Aeon

You can pick up any of these jeans at our flag ship store in Melioria, or you can grab a pair when you party at the Figure 8 Island Club. All of the jeans feature a picture of the DJ and are set in a theme that expresses who they are. Remember, at Peer you can always find something that expresses you are!