Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Landon Genira- PEER Kiddz Owner, PEER Eye Designer

Landon Genira is the eyes and child like fascination of Peer!

Please describe your job at Peer and why you love it.
Owner of PEER Kiddz, shape designer and Eye Candy designer. I love that I am able to be creative and to help provide a little uniqueness to someones SecondLife. Its all about making that one person feel like they are special; to help they find themselves and their own unique look.

What do you feel is the best thing about being involved with Peer?
The freebies of course... hehe.. just kidding. I feel that the staff is this best part to be perfectly honest. Everyone really pays close attention to details and offers a different spice to the mixture of PEER.

What are you looking forward to the most in the upcoming holiday season?
Santa Clause is a biggy on my list this year. Also, I can't wait to see what the gang will cook up for those holiday gifts and limited time offers.

What is your favorite SL holiday memory?
HAHA... My first Christmas with Phinn, I think he bought me some random funny stuff off of Xstreet. I distinctly remember a puppy dog backback.. it was horrible! I loved it :P

What part of SL holidays do you like the best and is it better than RL?
My favorite part about the holidays in SecondLife and in RL is being with my friends and family. Phinn and I have been friends for a long time and worked very closely when we started up the PEER family. All the staff and people involved have been my SecondLife family, which I feel has grown into something absolutly amazing.

What is your one wish for our readers this holiday season?
I wish you all a very happy and safe holiday season, filled with love, friends and family... and of course all the presents from Santa that you asked for.