Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Tees At Peer!!

We know you have been waiting with baited breath to see our new tees! Well, you can breath again and wait no more. Today we are showing off three of our newest tees and they have that same old Peer tongue in cheek humor. We know what you want to express, and we let you do it with style. Come by our main store and check them out!

Noob Sex: You know you have seen the guys or the girls that just wreak of being a noob. They haven't even taken the time to recolor those all important bits and pieces, or they don't know they can. This shirt expresses those thoughts in your brain and saves you the trouble of typing them out!

Eye Candy: You know you have been told that you look really HOT! Well now you can wear the shirt that tells everyone that you know you are. They will appreciate it. It is always better to go ahead and get the obvious out so that people don't have to think it without expressing it.

Bad Boyfriend: After you muted the guy/girl you have been seeing for a couple of days because he/she thought that you should be online EVERY waking minute of your day, it's time to show what you really are - a bad boyfriend. This shirt lets you warn the people you might want to date that you are your own person and that you will not be at their beck and call every minute of the day. You will not rez flowers all over their house repeatedly! You will not tp to them just because you are online!